Apple Watch Series 8 could feature body temperature monitoring

Body temperature monitoring has been a long-time requested feature from the large Apple Watch community. Now, reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that while the future wasn’t included with last year’s Series 7, we could still see this feature come to light with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

Apparently, body temperature monitoring was already supposed to be included in the Series 7, but couldn’t make it in time for the engineering validation phase due to “algorithm issues” that the watch was facing.

This means that the Series 7’s main selling point rested on its slimmed down borders, and not the missing feature. Now, Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that there is a probable chance that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be the first to feature this new technology, never previously available in such a package.

Introducing this feature proved to be a bigger challenge than expected, since Apple needed to develop a complex algorithm to provide the most accurate readings possible, since wrist temperature measurements are significantly less reliable than more tradition mouth or armpit readings.

Now, there are doubts among the community on whether this feature will make it in time for launch. If released, it will be a huge breakthrough in the wearable world. This feature will be exclusive to the Series 8 as new sensors are required for the feature, not included on previous models. Are you excited for the boy temperature monitoring on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8?