Apple Watch Series 7 blows up on user’s wrist

Just recently, a user’s Apple Watch Series 7 overheated and blew up in smoke, creating a fire hazard and consequently causing a trip to the ER. Here is the full story.

The user reported wearing the watch, when it suddenly starting rapidly heating up. Upon inspection, he realised the back glass of the watch had cracked, and that the watch quickly shut down shortly after. It was said that the ambient room temperature was approximately 21 degrees celsius, or 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This wasn’t the end of the story. The user contacted Apple supported immediately and after speaking to multiple different people this case became more serious. He was told to leave the watch isolated. At a later time, he touched the watch, which immediately started cracking and then exploded. Concerned about lead marks on his wrist, he visited the ER, who told him the Apple Watch did not pose a threat to his health.

Apple later picked up the device and sent it to their labs for internal testing, to see what went wrong. You can watch the video for more context into the problem.

Overheating issues remain rare, but it is a valid concern for smartwatch owners. What do you think about this situation?