Apple Watch Series 5 might have Sleep Tracking

There has been a lot of talks recently about a built-in sleep tracking app on the Apple Watch. There are already apps that can track your sleep, but now Apple is rumored to be coming out with their native integration.


To track your sleep all you’ll need to do is wear your Apple Watch when sleeping. The Apple Watch will use its sensors to track your heart rate, movements, and noises while you’re in bed. It won’t even require your iPhone because your Apple Watch will be able to do all this on its own, adding onto the list of things it will be able to do independently.

For all this, Apple Watch will need to conserve battery life where possible. Apple thought about this and will implement a feature that reminds you to charge your Watch before you go to bed so you can get through the night.

It is not yet determined if Sleep Tracking will be available only for the new Apple Watch, or as well as previous generations but reasoning from the fact that the new Apple Watches will only have minor hardware improvements, we believe previous generations will also support this new feature.


If you have multiple Apple Watches you will be able to use one only for Sleep Tracking and the other normally. Apple Watch will mimic the alarm on your phone but will also allow you to set the alarm to vibration only: this feature will be very convenient for couples who don’t have the same sleep schedule.

Sleep Tracking will be available as a Watch Complication. You will be able to view your Sleeping data in the Health App on your iPhone, and also in the Sleep app right on your Apple Watch.

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