Apple Watch Series 4 revealed

9to5Mac got some really exciting news. They were able to get an early screenshot of the new Series 4 Apple Watch. And we must say, it looks absolutely stunning! It features a ~15% larger display and at least one all-new watch face.


We have previously reported that we expect the new Apple Watch to have a roughly 15% larger display (for both sizes), and this image indeed seems to confirm this. Basically, it makes the display practically go edge-to-edge, making it look much sharper overall.

Also the new watch face deserves our attention. It looks more refined, dense, and colorful, capable of displaying more information. I personally didn’t think that it would look that stunning. What are your thoughts?

The color of the Apple Watch is also new. We haven’t yet seen a stainless steel gold colored watch, since the release of the original Apple Watch Edition back in 2015. This will make many shiny blush/rose gold color lovers happy. Additionally the microphone hole now seems to be in between the redesigned digital crown and side button. The digital crown has a red ring inside, and the side button appears to be more flush.

If you bought a variety of different bands (some people have massive collections), don’t worry. Your bands should fit the new models without any issues.

On September 12 we will receive all news, at Apple’s keynote. Rest assured, we will keep you up to date!