Apple Watch Series 4 could have 15% larger display (KGI)

Since its official launch in 2015, the design of the Apple Watch didn’t evolve much. However, this is about to change according to a recent report from KGI, with new models coming this fall!


These are exciting news. KGI predicts that the new models will have enhanced health features, a better battery life and a 15% larger display. The report does not go into detail with regards to specific design changes. This could mean that the Apple Watch will stay within its current 38mm and 42mm sizes, or that we will see an entirely new form factor. In any case, thinner bezels with a larger display would be welcome improvements.

If Apple will go with a new form factor, it would be nice if existing bands would fit the new model. Some people now have huge Apple Watch band collections, and according to our poll, 76% of Apple Watch owners own more than 1 band.

Ming-Chi Kuo also stated in the report that they expect Apple to sell 22-24 million Apple Watches in 2018.

Indeed, we can expect this year to be huge for Apple Watch!

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