Apple Watch saves man’s life

We have written many times about the tremendous health benefits an Apple Watch can have on its wearer. But perhaps even more importantly, the Apple Watch can help detect early symptoms of certain medical conditions early on, for example hypertension and sleep apnea. Even in certain dangerous environments, the cellular Apple Watch Series 3 will be able to initiate emergency calls – potentially saving someone’s life.

More recently, the Apple Watch of James Green, helped detect a pulmonary embolism. The blood clot in his lungs would have potentially gone unnoticed, and therefore be fatal.

The Apple Watch app HeartWatch helped detect this condition, because Green’s heart rate was too high.

Here is Green’s interview excerpt from the Telegraph“I got an alert from HeartWatch that my heart rate was continually above my resting heart rate of 54, even when I was just sitting at my desk. That along with other symptoms I was having was enough data I needed to act on it, and realise it wasn’t a panic attack (since I have severe generalised anxiety), that it was something more.”

He credits the app with saving his life: “It was the data I needed to prove this wasn’t just a panic attack. It helped me get the ball rolling.”

David Walsh, the app’s creator, said it is “truly humbling to have played a part”, adding the outcome was “absolutely wonderful”.