Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 Review

When Apple released the all new Apple Watch Series 4, some things changed with the watch lineup. Most notably, there is no more Apple Watch Edition. Ceramic white and ceramic gray cases are therefore no longer available. However, Apple continued its partnership with Hermès, with some interesting updates.

3-Apple Watch Hermes Series 4

It’s perhaps not surprising that Apple continued its partnership with Hermès for the Apple Watch. Both companies have a philosophy to strive for highest product quality, excellence, and user experience, and the watch – a super personal device – is ideal to show matching attention to detail.

The Hermès Series 4 is packaged in similar rectangular box as other Series 4 watches, unlike previous models Series 0 – Series 3, where the box was square. Inside the orange packaging you will find the cellular watch itself, and separately the band.

For the Series 4, Hermès updated its band lineup, with some popping new colors. Prices range from $1,299 – $1,499. Interestingly, if you purchase a Hermès model, you will receive a set of exclusive classic watch faces. Take a look at the unboxing and setup video below to see how the watch looks and feels.

1-Apple Watch Hermes Series 4

2-Apple Watch Hermes Series 4

If you want to purchase the Apple Watch Hèrmes Series 4, you can do so here. Will you be getting one? Do you think it’s worth the premium price?

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