Apple Watch helps user lose 60 pounds and overcome depression

The Apple Watch is an incredible fitness and health device for many. One of its central elements are the Activity Rings and its associated trophies one can earn by completing daily goals, or achieving specific activity targets on special events.

Now one Reddit user, who goes by the username “magimack“, shared his personal story of how the Apple Watch has helped him lose¬† 60 pounds, and overcome depression. His journey is inspiring, because becoming more physically active has helped him lose weight and battle depression.

Apple Watch lose weight

He also writes: “Whatever comes next, I know that I managed to give myself an impossible head start and for once, 114 days and counting, I won. I just started walking. And if I did it once, I can and will do it again. It is comforting approaching inescapable relapses knowing that I can do it.”

Of course the reason for his personal achievement was not the Apple Watch, but it was a huge motivator for him to keep going and going, and eventually lose weight and overcome depression.

This story is one of many, but nonetheless it points out the huge benefits of owning an Apple Watch.

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Russell Hobbs