Top 3 Apple Valentine’s Day Gifts

The day devoted to your loved one is coming up soon, and you haven’t got a present yet, but don’t worry, there’s still time left. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 3 best gifts to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day if they enjoy using Apple Products.

1: Apple TV 4K

This one fits our list perfectly. Gifting your partner an Apple TV can be a great idea for Valentine’s Day. From playing games, using streaming services, viewing your photos, buying movies, and more, an Apple TV can easily replace your cable box. You can have a fantastic and romantic movie night by simply asking Siri to put on something romantic or switch up the mood with a Thriller. With a 10X chip in the box, the Apple TV will make everything from watching movies to playing tennis easier and more fluid. Keep in mind to only get the 4k option if the TV supports the resolution.

2: Apple Watch Band

Receiving a new watchband is always a fabulous sensation. Sporting that new band really lightens up the mood. If your partner owns an Apple Watch, this can be the perfect accessory to it. There are many different bands and colors, ranging from a bright and comfy nylon sport loop to a subtler and classier dark-purple leather buckle band. All in all, it’s a present that won’t break the bank but still keep your partner happy.

3: AirPods Pro


If you’re feeling extra spendy, this is a tremendous present to gift your significant other, especially if they have never experienced the ease of using wireless earphones. Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro come with a variety of cool features such as noise-cancellation, transparency mode, a customized fit, sweat and water-resistance, and more. These earphones also benefit from wireless charging, a feature you’ll strongly enjoy having. You can regularly find them on discount at retailers such as Amazon.