Apple releases new Black Unity watch band

In preparation for Black History Month, Apple has announced their annual version of the Black Unity Watch Band.

The custom watch band is a symbolic action which goes towards showing Apple’s fight for an equitable future for the present generation of Black people.

Apple says the new Black Unity Watch Band is inspired by Afrofuturism, a movement in literature, music, or art featuring futuristic themes which incorporate elements of Black history and culture.

The band features colours from the Pan-African Flag. It is a braided solo loop band, known for having a great fit and being very comfortable. From Apple’s website: ” the band is created by weaving 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments around ultrathin silicone threads using advanced precision-braiding machinery, then laser-cutting the band to an exact length for a custom fit. It offers a soft, textured feel and is both sweat and water resistant.”

A nice touch: the lugs of the band have “Black Unity” laser-etched.

Apple has also released a new Unity Lights watch face, to match with the band. The clock hands emit light that changes throughout the day. You can download the watch face from your iPhone’s Watch App.

You can purchase the band from Apple’s Website for $99.

Do you like the look of the band?