Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple launched their fundamentally simplified approach of a digital wallet Apple Pay around two and a half years ago, in October 2014. Since then hundreds of banks worldwide signed up for Apple Pay, enabling users to pay contact free at payment terminals at many retailers, as well as in iOS apps, and on the web. Touch ID on iPhones, iPads and recently MacBook Pro’s, added a new level of security, higher than that of conventional plastic credit cards.

In the Q4 earnings call of Apple, Tim Cook revealed that Apple Pay saw strong 500% year-over-year growth. It’s impressive that only in the US, well over 4 million locations already accept Apple Pay. Perhaps it’s still shy of completely replacing your wallet, but it’s on the way there.

Most large US retailers have an average of 1% of their transactions, being attributed to Apple Pay. Take a look at the data below: Apple Pay

However, so far Apple hasn’t disclosed on what devices those transactions have been made. If you use Apple Pay, how often do you use it, and do you use it on your Apple Watch? Let us know.