Apple Might Be Developing a AI Health Coach for Apple Watch

Apple is reportedly developing an AI-based health coach for its Apple Watch that will use personalized data to create exercise, diet, and sleep programs. Nicknamed Quartz, the offering will require a subscription and is expected to launch in 2024.

This move follows Apple’s long-standing emphasis on health and wellness, and is aimed at providing a unique and personalized experience to its users.

Health App May Come to iPad

In addition to the AI health coach, Apple is also bringing the Health app to the iPad with the release of iPadOS 17. The app will help users track their mood by answering questions about their day and manage vision issues like nearsightedness. The Health app may also receive a journaling feature, which would allow users to document their days and track their health and wellness goals.

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Updates for Apple Watch Users

The development of an AI-based health coach for the Apple Watch is a significant move that could further entrench Apple users. With the Apple Watch already serving as a major selling point for the company, this feature could provide a compelling reason for users to stay within the Apple ecosystem. By offering a personalized experience that’s tailored to each individual user, the AI health coach could also make it easier for people to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

The move towards offering health-related services also aligns with Apple’s overall strategy of prioritizing services to improve its bottom line. As Quartz requires a subscription, it’s likely to become a significant revenue stream for the company. However, it remains to be seen how much users are willing to pay for such a service, and whether the AI health coach can provide a compelling enough experience to justify the cost.

The Bottom Line

Apple’s move towards offering personalized health and wellness services reflects a growing trend in the tech industry towards prioritizing user health and wellness. With the development of an AI-based health coach for the Apple Watch, the company is taking its commitment to health to the next level. Whether this move pays off for Apple remains to be seen, but it’s clear that personalized health and wellness services are becoming increasingly important to consumers.