Apple may be developing new microLED displays, starting with Apple Watch

Recent independent reports from Bloomberg and Digitimes state that Apple may be working on next generation microLED displays. The first product to receive the display could be the Apple Watch and an unannounced augmented reality device.

Apple Watch black screen

This is a big deal. Apple is working with TSMC to develop and produce these improved displays. Bloomberg expects these screens to be manufactured only in 2020, while Digitimes states that this could happen as early as the end of this year.

The reports also says that Apple might integrate these screens on other products down the road, including MacBooks, iMacs and other devices.

What is microLED?

microLED displays have significant advantages over conventional OLED displays, most importantly better battery efficiency, increased brightness, thinner pannels and overall better image quality. Each individual pixel can emit light. The major disadvantage currently is price, because producing microLED displays is up to 5 times more expensive than OLED displays. However, with increased production output, we believe that Apple could drive costs down significantly – making them economically feasible.

This is how the current Apple Watch screen looks like (graphic from GSM Arena):

Here is also a useful graphic showing the TFT-LCD, OLED, and microLED differences (graphic from Android Authority):


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