Apple launches new $549 Airpods Max Headphones

Rumors have been circulating for numerous months about Apple introducing their own over-the-ear headphones. This was recently almost confirmed because it was revealed that Apple was planning to release a product just before the winter holidays. 

AirPods Max deliver high fidelity audio,  an immersive sound experience with spatial audio, and a perfect seal around the ear for optimal comfort.  Though it’s quite safe to say that these headphones come with an Apple price tag.

airpods max

The design of these headphones is like no other. Apple has created the headband on the AirPods Max out of a breathable knit mesh to allow them to reduce pressure on your head. However, the headphones themselves are made out of stainless steel. Each cup can rotate independently and the cups feature a mesh textile which hugs your ear like a pillow. The specifically engineered memory foam ties the experience all together. In the end, wearing the AirPods Max will be an experience like no other.

AirPods Max deliver rich bass, true mids, and clear highs. The custom-built drivers ensure that the headphones output virtually no distortion. The wide frequency range lets you discover the richness and detail of the music running through your ears. As expected, Apple has brought its Active Noise Cancellation to the AirPods Max. This means that you can be on a crowded bus, traveling onboard an aircraft, or just walking on a windy day, and you will still hear your sound with absolute clarity.

This noise cancellation is possible due to the six outward0facing microphones which work with the two inward-facing microphones to create the perfect anti-noise needed to seal out the outside world. Additionally, the beam-forcing microphones help ensure that on phone calls your voice is heard with total clarity. Since noise cancellation is featured on these headphones, Apple had to also bring transparency mode. Both of these modes were already introduced on the AirPods Pro. Transparency mode allows you to hear exactly what’s going on around you so you don’t miss a thing.


Each of the ear cups feature Apple’s H1 chip, and the ten audio cores on each of them combined with advanced sound software allow you to feel like you’re immersed in the scene while watching movies.


Apple had added the Digital Crown to the AirPods Max, taken from the Apple Watch. On the headphones, the Digital Crown allows you to switch quickly between tracks, control volume, activate Siri, and pick up phone calls. The button on the left however lets the user switch between Transparency mode, Noise-cancellation mode, or having both off.

Similarly to all the other AirPods, the AirPods Max stop playing audio as soon as you take them off. Once back on your head, the headphones resume playing your music. Also, the always-on Siri allows you to quickly ask for anything like your calendar, the wether, or just about any other set of commands. Siri can even read out your notifications for you.


AirPods Max can be stored in the included slim Smart Case. When stored in the case, the headphones enter a battery-reserve mode. About battery life, AirPods Max deliver all-day, 20-hour battery life so you can stay connected nonstop. A 5-minute charge gives the headphones 1.5 hours of listening time. The AirPods Max are not cheap whatsoever: these headphones come with a $549 price tag, rising way above competition.
To be fair, the AirPods Max embody much of what users expect from premium over-the-ear headphones, but justifying the $549 price tag could prove to be a challenge.