Apple continues focus on watchOS health features with ResearchKit

There are many companies working on better utilizing vital Apple Watch health data to better diagnose symptoms of health conditions. Advanced AI and neural networks deliver some astonishing results, frequently being on par with doctors or on occasions even being better than doctors (on average). It turns out many health conditions can be diagnosed with precise measurements of heart data through continued periods of time.


That’s perhaps the most fundamental benefit of using an Apple Watch, where it knows a lot about your overall health. One heart EKG reading at the doctor’s office may not offer conclusive results, while continued basic measurements can offer deep insights into a persons health.

You may have previously heard about Apple’s ResearchKit, where the Apple Watch’s and iPhone’s health data is used to monitor and diagnose a variety of health symptoms and diseases. Apple partnered with top medical institutions to conduct these studies, and now Apple added a new “Movement Disorder API” to better monitor Parkinson’s disease.


Apple’s ResearchKit is open-source, so anybody who is interested can take a closer look into what exactly is studied, measured, and analyzed.

If you are interested in participating in any of these studies, you can do so here by downloading one of the respective apps. So far there are studies for Parkinson’s disease, autism diagnosis, predicting seizures, concussion tracker, melanoma detector, postpartum depression, sleep health, and more.

Are you participating in any ResearchKit study?