Apple confirms event for March 25

Apple confirmed their March 25 event. You will be able to live stream it on your iOS device, Apple TV, or through the Safari browser (the latest versions of other browsers are also supported).


Now what are we expecting from this event?

The keynote can be watched here on March 25. And rest assured, we will cover it in great detail.

This event will likely focus on software updates, and the launch of a new Apple original content subscription service. Perhaps we will see something in the realm of Netflix. This would not come as a surprise, since Apple invested in some original content for a while now.

On the other hand we don’t expect any major hardware releases. What might happen, are some under the hood improvements, of e.g. the iPad, or Mac, but other than that, Apple likely saves those updates, for a specifically hardware focused event.

What would you like to see for this March keynote?