Will Apple ever make a circular Apple Watch?

Since the creation of the Apple Watch, it has been a hot topic of debate wether Apple would ever bring a circular Apple Watch to market. After 8 generations of Apple Watch, we believe we may have the answer.

While a circular Apple Watch may sound like a good idea, the reality is, it’s not very practical.

The main issue with having a circular display is that the usability of the watch is severely impacted by the way the display shows content. For example, while reading an email or a message, there would only be a small portion of the screen (near the diameter) where the message could be legible. This presents a huge challenge and would deter people from using the watch.

But also, this display would present a challenge to the engineers due to the fact that all of the components would have to be meticulously rearranged to fit the circular display and leave no room for gaps. This would be hugely difficult to do, especially considering the microphone arrays, the side button and Digital Crown, and other things like the Taptic Engine and speaker.

We all love the Apple Watch for its iconic squared design. Apple moving to a circular watch would seem to join most of the competition in the smart watch race. So for the time being and in the near future, we can’t see Apple offering a circular model of the Apple Watch.

Do you think Apple would consider making a circular Apple Watch for kids?