All that we know on the upcoming 2020 iPad Pros

The new iPad Pros are approaching quickly, so we wanted to gather up all the rumors together so we can see what these new machines will bring us. From a new triple-camera design to the smart keyboard, here’s what we know on the upcoming 2020 iPad Pros.

First off, we know that the new iPad Pros will feature a triple-camera system in the rear, very similar to what we saw in the September iPhone 11 Pros. Finally, the iPad will take decent photos and videos. Who would have guessed? The three lenses will be composed of one normal lens, one telephoto lens, and one ultra-wide lens. Of course, we’ll be getting portrait mode. Secondly, as reported by MacRumors, a new Time-of-Flight sensor will be able to use lasers to measure the surrounding environment in 3D. This will be great for the iPad’s Augmented Reality experience, which will be taken up a notch when the new iPad Pros come out.

Recently, there have been indications of a possible trackpad coming to the iPad Pros’ Smart Keyboard Folio. Bringing a trackpad will close the gap even further between a tablet and a laptop. Also, the keyboard will be improved, since it will reportedly be a scissor-switch keyboard on the accessory. Also, the keys will be backlit. Cool, right?

When the iPad Pros were released in 2018, Apple reported that they were more powerful than 90% of other notebooks.¬†Since the iPad Pros haven’t been updated in a while, they will get a big processor upgrade. It will most likely be an A13X chip since the A14 will be releasing on the iPhones later in the fall.

An exciting change, the 2020 iPad Pro will reportedly bring a new type of display: a mini LED panel. That’s right, Apple will be replacing the LCD panel in the current iPad Pros for a new and improved mini LED display. This type of screen brings many advantages, from being more power-efficient to fewer burn-ins, it’s quite a bit better.

If you’re wondering when we can expect this iPad, we think that the iPad Pros will release in Q2 or Q3 2020. It’s still not sure when, and the coronavirus epidemic could delay production time. Nonetheless, we know that Apple is going to be coming out with something that’ll blow our minds.

Are you excited for the 2020 iPad Pros?