All Original 2015 Apple Watch Models are now Obsolete

It’s a testament to the relentless pace of technology that even the most cutting-edge innovations will one day be labeled ‘obsolete’. Embodying this reality is the first-generation Apple Watch, launched in 2015, which has now officially entered Apple’s archives of outdated products.

As of September 30, the pioneering “Series 0” Apple Watch, with its varied renditions from aluminum to stainless steel – including the exclusive Hermès variants, finds itself on the list of Apple relics, no longer eligible for repairs or services at any official Apple avenues.


But perhaps the most eye-catching of the newly classified obsolete devices is the luxe Apple Watch Edition. Remember the time when the 18-karat gold casing shone as the ultimate emblem of luxury and opulence? Priced at a staggering $17,000 in the U.S. at its zenith, this solid-gold marvel represented the zenith of tech-meets-luxury. But even such grandeur wasn’t immune to the sands of time. A year after its launch, Apple replaced this golden wonder with a ceramic Apple Watch Edition, a more budget-friendly luxury alternative priced up to $1,299. And by 2018, even the software decided it was time to move on; watchOS 5 discontinued its compatibility with the illustrious golden version.

The progression into obsolescence isn’t arbitrary. Apple earmarks a product as technologically obsolete once it surpasses a seven-year gap from its discontinuation. The inaugural Apple Watch was retired from the shelves in September 2016, paving the way for its successors, Series 2 and Series 1. Hence, the first-generation timepieces have just ticked past that defining seven-year threshold.

Though Apple’s official list showcasing vintage and obsolete products hasn’t yet been refreshed to include these additions, an update is anticipated shortly.

In reflecting on the Apple Watch‘s journey, one is reminded of the inevitability of tech’s lifecycle. Today’s marvel, regardless of its price tag or innovation, will invariably be tomorrow’s antique. And as we admire new technological masterpieces, it’s essential to remember – obsolescence is always just a tick away.