“AirPods Pro Lite” Production May Slow Down Due to Coronavirus

Apple is secretly working on an unannounced product called “AirPods Pro Lite”. A couple of days ago, a rumor spoke about these earbuds as being a new “low-cost version” of the current AirPods Pro. The worldwide Coronaivirus epidemic may allegedly cause the production of these new AirPods to slow down in China.

The AirPods Pro Lite are expected to gain some features of the AirPods Pro such as noise-canceling while staying at a lower price, yet it is unclear how these particular earbuds might differ from the previous generations and be introduced into the product lineup.

The Coronavirus is causing harm to the production by presenting a change in schedule across the factories. Apparently, it’s not only the AirPods Pro Lite which have to deal with this: the new iPad Pros are facing difficulties aswell regarding the production.

Luckily, we have more details on the fourth-gen iPad Pros. They are said to be getting a rear triple-camera setup, similar to what we saw in the iPhone 11 Pro. The sizes are expected to stay the same, however, there will definitely be processor upgrades and there might be improvements regarding the display. We trust that Apple is going to present us with something epic.

Apple is working closely with its suppliers along with certain government agencies to ensure that this outbreak does not cause much damage to the timeline. Nonetheless, we still don’t know what exactly AirPods Pro Lite are and what the target audience for them is.

Would you be interested in AirPods Pro Lite?