AirBands for Apple Watch are made to carry your AirPods around

We’ve seen some interesting products on Kickstarter, yet this one is something out of the ordinary. AirBands is a new Apple Watch Band made for a simple purpose: to hold your AirPods and make sure you don’t lose them. The design of them is quite interesting, and people have mixed emotions about the product.      

Matt Youngblood, the creator of AirBands, explains that the AirBands is made for temporary holding of your AirPods: “Sometimes you just need to store your AirPods for a moment as you pull out your credit card at checkout or when you run into someone when working out. It isn’t practical in those moments to dig out your AirPod case. You need someplace that you can have confidence that your AirPods will be safe.”   

It is true that in a certain situation, having to bring your AirPod case out can be frustrating. Of course, this band would only hold the AirPods for a short period of time, since they would need to be recharged at one moment or another. The bands have received varying emotions on social media, some calling the idea super dumb while others see it as super useful.

The band is made to hold AirPods as well as AirPods Pro, so your earphones will always be supported. Matt Youngblood was motivated by the high number of people who lose their AirPods on the subway. The project is currently on Kickstarter, and you can secure yourself a band for just $20. They’re set to ship in May 2020.

What do you feel about the AirBand?