Activity Rings are popular on Apple Watch

Yesterday we conducted a Twitter poll, to find out if you Close the Rings on your Apple Watch daily. The result was in a way surprising. Of the 163 counted votes, 73% said that they close the rings daily, or at least mostly.

Apple Watch Series 2 ad

This means that the central health and activity feature of the Apple Watch is actually bearing real world results. Apple Watch owners love to close the activity rings. It’s a fun and simple way to stay active, and to be reminded daily that you should move your butt for your on health.

Also the trophy element of closing rings is engaging. Collecting virtual 3D trophies is exciting and addicting to an extent. Occasionally Apple promotes specific events, which can earn you custom trophies (for instance they did an Thanksgiving 5k walk or run trophy).

Apple Watch trophies

Did you count how many total trophies you earned? Do you like collecting them? Let us know in the comments!