A Reddit User Measured the Noise Level on a Boeing 737

Have you ever wondered how loud being on an Airplane really is? Thanks to a Reddit user who used the Noise App on his Apple Watch to track the Noise Level, we now know the answer.

While in the climbing phase, the user reported a Noise Level of 90dB, which is quite loud, and something your ears wouldn’t want to deal with for long. During the cruising phase, the Noise Level drops to around 80dB, considerably quieter than the climbing phase. Lastly, in the descent phase, as we see from the photograph, the Noise Level drops further to around 73dB. It’d quieter, yet still loud enough to annoy some people. Of course, how loud the flight is depends on how close you sit to the engines, so if you’re greatly annoyed by loud noises, either get some earplugs, or take a farther seat.


Exposing yourself to loud environments for extended periods of time will hurt your ears. So your Apple Watch will let you know, to keep you safe. If you want Noise Tracking on your Apple Watch, you’ll need any Series 4 or 5 running on watchOS 6 or above. You can track through the Noise App, or directly through a complication set on your watchface. A nice addition, all your Noise Level history appears in the Health App on your iPhone, so you can see how well you’re protecting your ears.

Do you use Noise Tracking on your Apple Watch?