A Product RED Apple Watch Series 5 is coming

Apple has released many Product RED versions of their products over the years, from the iPod Touch to Beats Wireless Headphones. Rumors have arisen of a potential Product RED Apple Watch coming to market.

If you purchase a Product RED device from Apple, they will donate a small portion of the proceeds to the Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants. These grants supply a range of programs that attempt to eradicate AIDS and help people who have been affected by the condition. Since 2006, Apple has reportedly donated over $220 million to the Global Fund. That’s absolutely staggering.
A Product RED Apple Watch was spotted in the company database earlier this week. Apple has never had a Product RED Apple Watch, so this would mean big news. For now, we only know details of a Series 5 Product RED Apple Watch. The Watch is going to cost the same as other aluminum models, starting at a price point of $399. Product RED Series 5 won’t be available in all countries though.
There may even be an exclusive watch face for the Product RED version, along with a Product RED watch band. As for a release date, we believe the watch will be announced along with the new iPad Pros and the iPhone SE 2 in their upcoming Spring Event.
Would you be interested in a Product RED Apple Watch?