A Perfect Holiday Gift: the new Belkin Magsafe Charging Dock, $129

The all-new Belkin Boost Charge Pro is an accessory that brings convenience and a touch of sophistication to the nightstand. It supports StandBy mode for iPhones, allowing the user to have their preferred screen display, such as a clock or photo slideshow, while the phone is charging in a landscape position, as well as other important features.

What makes it a great gift?

  • Innovative Charging: It charges both an iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously, perfect for those who own both devices. On top of this, you can lay flat the MagSafe stand and charge compatible AirPods models.
  • MagSafe Compatibility: The dock aligns effortlessly with MagSafe-enabled iPhones, providing up to 15W of fast wireless charging.
  • Apple Watch Fast Charging: It’s also equipped to quickly charge the latest models of Apple Watch, keeping all devices ready for the day ahead.
  • Adjustable Viewing Angle: The dock allows adjustment from 0 to 70 degrees, offering the perfect angle for viewing the phone screen from the bed.
  • Design and Stability: Its nonslip, weighted base ensures stability, while the color-matched braided USB-C cable adds to its overall sleek design.

The 5-foot cable offers flexibility in placement, and the dock’s small footprint makes it an ideal nightstand companion, taking minimal space. The package comes with the charging dock, a 30W USB-C Power Supply, and a 5-foot braided USB-C cable. It is available in Sand and Charcoal : these colors can easily blend with various bedroom decors.

The charger offers a clutter-free charging solution, keeping devices ready to go. Its elegant design and functionality make it more than just a charger; it’s a gift that enhances the daily routine of iPhone and Apple Watch users, making their nights and mornings a little more streamlined and stylish. The stand retails at $129. What do you think?