A new kind of workout app for your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is especially great if you want to improve your overall health and fitness. Today there are dozens of solid fitness, gym, and running apps (including Apple’s native apps). Unsurprisingly in watchOS 5 Apple further focused on bringing more fitness centric features to it.


However, most of these apps are not really fun to use, and therefore it’s frequently hard to motivate yourself! A new app called Flex aims to change that through bringing a community feel to it. Chances are you can motivate yourself for a workout much better (and way more often), if you know that you’re going to have a great time! So what makes Flex unique?

Flex helps you to have a kickass workout routine at home by working out live in groups, and integrating the Apple Watch’s sensors and heart rate data to better measure physical activity. The app automatically measures your reps, meaning you can’t trick it. It knows how many pushups, sit-ups, squats, etc. you do.

Your reps, activity and heart rate puts you on a live workout leaderboard. If you’re the most active person during the workout, you’ll be on top. So you’re competing directly with all others who tuned into the live workout. This is amazing, since you’ll actually be challenged by people from all over the world to do your best workout – every time.

You can watch the workout on your iPhone, iPad or TV.flex-fitness-apple-watch

There are a bunch of different live classes, which will fit almost all key workout types. After every live workout is complete, the video with the professional trainer becomes available to be watched and used later on.

One thing in particular worth outlining is the great choice of music. Having motivating and punchy music surely helps burn those calories.


If you want to upgrade your workout, download Flex Fitness here for free. There is a lot of demand, so to jump to the front of the waiting list, use the code watchapplist. Until September Flex will remain free to use, and $20 / month after that (check sweatflex.com for more details).

If you’re curious how Flex looks like in real life, watch the video below: