A closer look at the $1300 Hermès Series 5

Apple’s collaboration with Hermès has proven a highly successful feat, so let’s take a closer look at the latest product of the two: The Hermès Edition Apple Watch Series 5.

Right from the unboxing, it’s a pleasant experience.

The Hermès Edition Apple Watch comes with its own special packaging. Right here, we have chosen the orange band, so the case gets the same color. Once on the inside of the box, we see the band itself, which comes in a nice microfiber cloth that you can use for storage. The charging puck is different: it has a stainless steel finish to it, giving it a more premium feeling.

The band is made from the highest quality materials. It’s very well-designed, and the leather is very soft and comfortable, so it feels good on the wrist. The single loop band has a double clasp for fastening, with Hermès name engraving. However, you can also opt for the double loop band, which only comes in the 40mm variant. Hermès is a French luxury goods maker, so you know that you’re getting a product with meticulous attention to detail.

Along with your purchase, an exclusive Sport Band comes included, The sport band color-matches the Hermès band. There is even Hermès name engraving on the stainless steel pin. The Sport Band is a great addition: you can use it for swimming, working out, or just wear it if you feel like it.

You can use Apple Watch Studio to find the perfect watch and band combinations for you. A little detail, now, the Hermès edition watch also comes in stainless steel, as opposed to the only silver option before. The Hermès collection features many great bands with amazing designs, so you know there’s something you’ll like.


Another great part about the Hermès edition is its custom watch faces. These faces let everyone else know just how much more stylish you are. You can choose from one of two Hermès watch faces, and if you don’t like them, then you can just use any regular watch face. We must note that the watch bands are available in a multitude of colors.

Here is everything you get in the box with your purchase.

Prices for the Hermès Edition start at $1250 for the 40mm option, and it bumps up to $1299 for the 44mm option. Also, you can choose to include cellular on the watch if you like. That’s it for our look into the Hermès Edition Apple Watch Series 5.

Would you consider getting this watch?