6 ways to save battery on your Apple Watch

If you have an older Apple Watch, you may find yourself running out of battery one to many times. Here are 6 ways you can save some battery, and rest assured your watch will last throughout the day.

1: Set a darker watch face

One way to save battery on your Apple Watch, is to set a darker watch face. This can help reduce battery, because with the OLED display technology in every Apple Watch, it can turn off individual pixels, so every time there’s a black screen your watch is secretly saving power.


2: Turn off the GPS

One of the biggest power drains from your watch, is the continuous location tracking that happens. Navigating with your watch is even worse, so don’t count on your Apple Watch to guide your route if you want to have any battery left for the rest of the day. To disable the GPS on your Apple Watch, simply open your Apple Watch > Settings > General > Location Services, and toggle the option off.


3: Stop calling with your watch

The easiest way to empty your Apple Watch battery, is by calling directly on it with cellular. It’s fine if you need to make a quick call on the go, but otherwise try to use your iPhone. In addition to this, keep in mind that connecting to bluetooth headsets for extended periods of time can also hit your battery.


4: Adjust Haptic Feedback

Every time you receive a notification through your Apple Watch, the Taptic Engine inside your watch goes to work, giving you the little vibration you feel. If you’re receiving many alerts, you may want to lower the strength of the vibration to help save power. To do this, open your watch > setting > sounds and haptics > adjust the strength of the haptic feedback.

If you feel like you’re getting to many notification on your watch, you may want to rethink which apps are allowed to send alerts.


5: Complications

Although complications are very useful, you might want to turn some of them off to save battery, like the weather or heart rate complications which regularly refresh themselves. You’ll thank us later.


6: Replace your watch battery

If you’ve tried these tips, then you should head to your nearest Apple Store and replace your watch battery for a small fee. This can be a good option if you have an older watch, but don’t feel like upgrading just yet to the newer Series 5.


That’s it for our 6 ways to save battery on your Apple Watch. With these tricks you should be seeing far better battery performance overall. Are you happy with your Apple Watch battery life?