6 things we’d love to see on the Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is only expected to release in the fall of 2020, however we’ve already made our list of what we would realistically like to see on the Apple Watch Series 6. Here are all of our picks.

1: Sleep Tracking


Sleep Tracking is a much-requested feature for the next Apple Watch. It’s the only thing lacking from the Apple Watch Series 5. Sleep Tracking would enable you to gain more insights into how much rest you’re getting, the quality of your sleep, etc… This would be a huge feature for the Apple Watch, but it would require a larger battery, which brings us to our next point.

2: Better battery life


With the introduction of an always-on display in the Series 5, users saw a 30% decline in their battery life throughout the day on their watches. For reference, the Apple Watch Series 4 had excellent battery life, usually lasting for about two days with moderate use. If Apple indeed plans to add Sleep Tracking to the Series 6, then better battery life would surely be an essential. To achieve this, the Series 6 would need to include a bigger battery, or be more energy-efficient with the S6 chip.

3: A micro-LED display


We love the OLED display on the Series 5, but as for the future, it’s looking like micro-LED is the answer. This panel would be more power-efficient and have less discoloration over time. A micro-LED panel is also smaller than an OLED one, so there would be more space in the device for other important components.

4: Faster performance


The S6 chip which will be in the Series 6, is going to be faster than the S5. The Series 5 only got a minor speed bump from the previous generation, so it would be wonderful to see faster performance in the Series 6. Hopefully the new S6 chip would be more power-efficient, helping the realisation of native Sleep Tracking.

5: In-display Touch ID


Introducing Touch ID to the Apple Watch would be a huge advantage for everyone. It’s much more convenient than typing in your password on the small screen. This idea has already been recently patented by Apple, now the only thing left to do is execute the idea. It would be possible to see Face ID on something like the Apple Watch Series 8.

6: Improved water resistance


Apple will reportedly be using a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) material for the Series 6 circuit boards. Along with other small changes, this would allow the Series 6 to become even more water resistant, with tolerance for high-velocity watersports such as jet skiing or scuba diving. Improved water-resistance would be a lovely detail to have on the Series 6.



The Apple Watch Series 6 is going to be huge. All of these new features will leave Apple Watch enthusiasts mouth-watering. We’re hoping that this wouldn’t mean a steeper price tag for the Series 6, which is set to release in the autumn of 2020.

What would you like to see in the Apple Watch Series 6?