5 cool Apple Watch accessories

There are tons of cool accessories for an iPhone. But what about the Apple Watch? We have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite Apple Watch accessories! Check them out below.

1. elago W3 stand ($9 Amazon)

Let’s start with our favorite little Apple Watch accessory, which is a blast back to the past. It’s a stand which looks like the original Macintosh 128k. Amazing at this pricepoint!


2. ONE Dock ($49 Amazon)

This powerful charging station looks very clean and is perfect for your Apple Watch AND iPhone. If you want to declutter your desk and make it look beautiful, this is the way to go.

ONE Dock Apple Watch iPhone

3. Portable Apple Watch charger ($39 Amazon)

Did you every run out of juice on your Apple Watch while you’re on the go? Then the portable keychain like charger might be for you. Its slim form factor and integrated magnetic charger make it a great accessory.

portable Apple Watch charger

4. Apple Watch Mickey Mouse Ears ($7 Amazon)

Perhaps more of a funny accessory, which isn’t exactly practical, but it looks cool and will definetely make some kids jealous. Mickey Mouse ears for the Apple Watch can also be a great gift.

Mickey Mouse Apple Watch

5. Twelve South TimePorter ($39 Amazon)

Twelve South makes some truly unique Apple only accessories. Their quality is always top notch. If you want to have a beautiful and practical carrying case for your Apple Watch, then the Time Porter is the way to go!