3 ways an Apple Watch can save your life

Most people who buy an Apple Watch don’t know just how useful it is. Here are three ways an Apple Watch can be life-saving.

1: International emergency calling.


You may have taken a tumble while hiking, or gotten very lost, and your phone is completely out of battery. This is where Apple Watch Series 5 comes in handy. From almost anywhere in the world, you can contact emergency services within a couple of seconds, and get the help you need, right from your Apple Watch. This feature is very convenient, however, you’ll need to have a Series 5 with cellular. To call emergency services, simply press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch.

2: Built-in ECG

Apple introduced the ECG-taking feature for the Apple Watch Series 4 in September 2018. It was a huge revelation, and the first time such a compact and stylish device could provide such an important health tool.


The watch uses its sensors to capture your heart rhythm and look for any irregularities. If there are any, your watch will notify you, and provide details on what you might have. Then, you can send a PDF of the test to your doctor, and take it from there. This feature is undoubtedly the most useful, as it has let many people discover their conditions much sooner than otherwise. To take the test, you’ll need to open the ECG app on Apple Watch > strap the watch firmly on your wrist > put your opposite index finger on the digital crown > remain stable during the 30-second test.

3: Fall detection

Also introduced on the Series 4, Fall detection is a very important feature of the Apple Watch. Your watch will detect when you have taken a hard fall, trip, or slip. If so, you’ll be sent a little message on the watch asking if you’re ok. If you don’t respond within a minute, your watch will automatically call emergency services. This feature has helped many hikers and climbers, who have fallen and were unable to call for help themselves.

All in all, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch to buy if you want to stay safe. What are your thoughts on these features?