15 Apple Watch Games in 1

Gaming on Apple Watch is a very interesting topic, especially since this area doesn’t get too much attention from big game developers yet. This creates many opportunities for upcoming game developers to focus on making Apple Watch centric experiences, which are short and fun to play. Alho Games makes many Apple Watch games with this approach. “Mini Watch Games 15-in-1” is one of the titles which brings a lot of fun gameplay into one app.

Our favorites are Brick Fall, Snake, Troopers, and Tennis. Download the game and tell us what your favorites are!

Here are the 15 games in 1 app:

  1. Cong: It’s like pong, but in a circle. Use the digital crown to move the paddle around the circle and keep the ball in play.
  2. Brick Fall: A fun retro falling brick game. Use the Digital crown or your finger to move the bricks around. Tap to rotate and swipe down to place the brick. Stack the bricks together to clear a line and score a point.
  3. 2048: Enjoy the addictive 2048 game on your watch or phone. Swipe the number tiles around to join them. Join the tiles to reach 2048.
  4. Card Sort: Super simple game. All you have to do is move the red cards up and the black cards down. Simple right? Use the digital crown or tap the top and bottom of the screen.
  5. Stick Jump: Take control of Stickman and free run your way past the multi colour obstacles. Control him by taping the screen or use the digital crown.
  6. Blocky Bird: Tap the screen to make Blocky fly up. Avoid the green pipes and get the highscore.
  7. Snake: Enjoy the classic snake game on your watch. Tap the left side of the screen to turn left and the right side to turn right.
  8. Tiles: Tap a black tile to clear it but don’t touch the white tiles or you loose. How fast can you clear all 50 tiles?
  9. Troopers: You’re under attack! Use the digital crown to aim your gun and tap the screen to shoot your enemies. Helicopters drop paratroopers, don’t let 4 troopers land on either side of your gun turret or you loose. Watch out for bombs dropped from the bombers!
  10. Invaders: Control your spaceship with the digital crown. Shoot all the invading aliens before they get you.
  11. Car Car: You control two cars, tap each car to change lanes. Avoid the squares and collect the circles.
  12. Walk the Line: Use the Digital Crown to move the blue dot and stay in the line. What is your best score?
  13. Brick Break: A fun retro brick breaking game. Use the Digital Crown to move your paddle and hit the ball. Destroy all the blocks to finish the level and get a high score.
  14. Tennis: A minimalist racket and ball game. Use the crown to move your paddle and hit the ball over the line. Play single player mode or against the AI opponent.
  15. Hacky Sack: Super simple to play and hard to put down. Keep the hacky sack up in the air by hitting it with your paddle. Bounce the sack as many times as you can to get the high score.

You can get Mini Watch Games 15-in-1 for only $1.99!

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