117 New Emojis Are Coming in 2020

117 new emojis are making their way towards Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There are many exciting new emojis, ranging from a happy crying face to blueberries, and a whole bunch of new gender-inclusive ones too.

Apple has been upping its emoji game recently, and this future update will take it one step further. There are many needed emojis that Apple fans will be very happy to be getting.

According to Emojipedia, this approved list was published today by the Unicode Consortium. Nowadays, gender inclusivity is a big thing, so the Emoji Version 13.0 list was made to include dozens of more options that weren’t available before, such as a gender-inclusive or woman person in a tuxedo, and a man or gender-neutral person in a veil. In late 2019, Apple added an impressive 138 new emojis on gender-neutrality in Emoji 12.1.

We will also see much more food emojis like pepper, blueberries, olive. The list hasn’t forgotten about animals: you’ll see a mammoth, beaver, and other various animals and insects along the line. Here is the full list of everything we can expect to see:

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You should keep in mind that these are not finals, mere drafts of what we could see, and that they will vary by operating platform. If you’re wondering when these slick emojis will be available to you on iOS, we expect them to roll out in Apple’s iOS 14 later this year in September, when Apple will have finished the last touches on these emojis. If you want a closer look at these emojis, you can check out the video below from Emojipedia:

Are you looking forward to receiving these emojis?