Top 5 navigation apps for your Apple Watch

It is well known how handy an Apple Watch is for tracking one’s health, so today we’ll review a less obvious way to use one. Providing everything needed from a compass to a map, the Apple Watch will not allow you to get lost anywhere.

Navigation apps Apple Watch

Compass Deluxe

This is a simply designed yet super precise compass.The app does not overwhelm you with redundant features, but provides everything a compass needs:: Magnetic North, Altitude, Heading and a Flashlight.

Speedometer Speed Box App

Are you ready for a ride? With this speedometer you can track your speed while cycling, running or even check if the speedometer in your car is showing your speed correctly . It is easy to use, and has a sleek  design. This app records the top and the average speed, as well as tracking your distance. .

Public Transit App: Moovit

Moovit is a great app for anybody who needs any information about public transport. It can calculate estimated arrival time, and monitors real time arrival information where possible. Also, it tracks schedule and service changes, so you always have  the latest information. Moovits’ database covers almost 2000  cities, and it grows everyday, so you can totally rely on it while travelling.

Ski Tracks

Winter has come, so it’s time for some skiing! The Ski Tracks app is a perfect ski companion that can record all of your data , e.g speed and distance, and performance analysis. It can  even export the data in several formats. The app does not require data , so your  battery can last longer.

Radarbot: SpeedCam Detector

The Radarbot app is aware of any speed camera possible starting from traffic light cameras, continuing with tunnel and fixed speed cameras, and ending with ANPR cameras. Also, it provides integration with any GPS navigation app, so alerts are always in time. The app sends notifications when you’re about to break the speed limit through both, voice and vibration. Radarbot provides a variety  of other features, like battery safe mode, different visualization modes, and saving  your routes.