Here are some easy ways to make your Apple Watch run faster

If you’ve got an older Apple Watch generation, you may find yourself waiting on the watch to complete the most basic functions. We totally agree with you, waiting 10 seconds for a stopwatch to open is frankly quite ridiculous for a device you purchased only a couple of years ago. 

With these quick and easy methods, your Apple Watch can be running like new in no time.

1: Clear out your dock

Leaving apps unnecessarily open in the background can quickly drain the precious battery on your Apple Watch, yet worst of all, it makes your device suffer in performance. Regularly closing out apps in the dock can really be a game-changer. You may be doubting the effectiveness of this method, but don’t worry, you’ll be seeing the results yourself.

To do this, unlock your Apple Watch > press side button > scroll through the list of running apps with digital crown > select the app you wish to close > swipe from right-to-left to close app > tap “X” button.

2: Reduce Motion


Reducing motion is quite a nice way to give a boost to your Apple Watch. In practice, reducing motion on your Apple Watch cuts down on certain animations. This will give the processor an easier job since it won’t have to oversee all those pesky animations.


To do this simple trick, unlock your iPhone > head to Watch app > My Watch > General > Accessibility > enable Reduce Motion.

3: Disable the Background App Refresh


Whether you realize it or not, Background App Refresh is one of the main things which keep your Apple Watch processor busy. Disabling this feature is a very simple way to keep your processor happy. Keep in mind that if you disable an app which is also a complication on your home screen, then the app won’t be up-to-date there, so only disable this feature for apps you don’t need constant info from.

To disable Background App Refresh, unlock your iPhone > head to Watch app > My Watch > General > Background App Refresh > select the apps you want to be turned off by toggling the switch.

We hope these tips helped you. Is your Apple Watch running faster now?