Get WhatsApp on your Apple Watch with IM+

Like all of my friends, I use a ton of social networks. Some of my friends are more active on Skype, others on WhatsApp, and some on Twitter, GTalk, or Facebook. Naturally, this creates some friction. Sometimes, I have to think where best to message a particular friend. For me, this leads to more than 10 social / messenger apps on my iPhone. Read more “Get WhatsApp on your Apple Watch with IM+”

Cooking with Apple Watch

There are many different cooking apps helping you with recipe discovery. But unique recipes alone don’t result in delicious meals.You want to have a cooking assistant with personalized help throughout the process, to make sure you create something delicious, and the app for that is Yummly. Read more “Cooking with Apple Watch”

7 Minute Workout

To stay healthy and fit, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time in the gym. Short intensive workouts can be very effective in the outcome, of course depending on your body type, and your own ultimate goal. Tim Ferriss also believes in short efficient workouts, which can transform your body in a great way. Read more “7 Minute Workout”

Fun Brain Training On Apple Watch

It is no secret that we really love the Apple Watch, because of many things, but primarily because of its convenience, usability, productivity, and design (among other things of course). We previously wrote about Elevate, a cool brain training app, which is actually useful because it increases productivity. Read more “Fun Brain Training On Apple Watch”